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Multiplex transcriptional characterizations across diverse and hybrid bacterial cell-free expression systems

Yim, S. S., Johns, N. I., Park, J., Gomes, A. L. C., McBee, R. M., Richardson, M., Ronda, C., Chen, S. P., Garenne, D., Noireaux, V. & Wang, H. H., Sep 26 2018

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Tuning of recombinant protein expression in Escherichia coli by manipulating transcription, translation initiation rates and incorporation of non-canonical amino acids

Schlesinger, O., Chemla, Y., Heltberg, M., Ozer, E., Marshall, R., Noireaux, V., Jensen, M. H. & Alfonta, L., Jan 22 2017

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Iron mineralogy and bioaccessibility of dust generated from soils as determined by reflectance spectroscopy and magnetic and chemical properties—Nellis Dunes recreational area, Nevada

Goldstein, H. L., Reynolds, R. L., Morman, S., Moskowitz, B. M., Kokaly, R. F., Flagg, C. B., Till, J. L., Yauk, K. & Berquó, T. S., 2013, 15 p. US Department of the Interior, US Geological Survey.

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Parameterized abstractions for reasoning about algebraic data types

Pham, T-H. & Whalen, M. W., 2013, IEEE.

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Method and system for the development of high-assurance microcode

Limondin, P. MT., Hiratzka, T. D., Whalen, M. W. & Hardin, D. S., Oct 1 2011

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Variable graph minimization for improved model-checking performance

Whalen, M. W. & Miller, S. P., Dec 1 2009

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Ethics and technology in context: medicine, computers, the Third World

Misa, T. J. & Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions (U.S.), 1990, 40 p. Chicago : Illinois Institute of Technology, Center for Study of Ethics in the Professions, Program for Science and Technology in Context.

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