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Growing local: Case studies on local food supply chains

King, R. P., Hand, M. S. & Gómez, M. I., Jan 1 2015, University of Nebraska Press. 368 p.

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Tourism and developments - issues and challenges

Mihalič, T. & Gartner, W. C., Jan 1 2013, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 380 p.

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Approaches for Ecosystem Services Valuation for the Gulf of Mexico After the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Interim Report

Mayer, L. A., Boufadel, M. C., Brenner, J., Carney, R. S., Cooper, C. K., Deming, J. W., Die, D. J., Eagle, J., Geraci, J. R., Knuth, B. A., Lee, K., Morris, J. T., Polasky, S., Rabalais, N. N., Stahl, Jr., R. G. & Yoskowitz, D. W., 2012, National Academies Press.

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Natural Capital: Theory and Practice of Mapping Ecosystem Services

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Sustainability and the U.S. EPA

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The Market Makers: How Retailers are Reshaping the Global Economy

Hamilton, G. G., Senauer, B. H. & Petrovic, M., Feb 24 2011, Oxford University Press. 384 p.

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Multisector growth models: Theory and application

Roe, T. L., Smith, R. B. W. & Saracoglu, D. S., Dec 1 2010, Springer New York. 329 p.

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Valuing ecosystem services: toward better environmental decision-making

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Pricing irrigation water: Principles and cases from developing countries

Tsur, Y., Roe, T., Doukkali, R. & Dinar, A., Feb 18 2004, Resources for the Future. 319 p.

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A review of the Florida Keys carrying capacity study

Nixon, S. W., Dalrymple, G. H., Deyle, R. E., Huber, W. C., Peterson, M. S., Polasky, S., Psuty, N. P., Rivkin, M. D. & Sheer, D. P., 2002, Committee to Review the Florida Keys Carrying Capacity Study, National Academy Press.

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The economics of biodiversity conservation

Polasky, ed., S. & Polasky, S., 2002, Ashgate: Burlington, VT.

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