Nikon C2 Upright Spectral Confocal and Widefield Imaging System

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      Features include Nikon’s newest motorized Ni microscope body. The newly developed CFI Plan Apochromat λ (lambda) series objectives are the key to the series’ optical performance. Nano Crystal Coat, with its ultra low refractive index, provides brighter, high-resolution and high-contrast microscopy images. The CFI 60 objectives for the Ni system are 10x, 20x, 40x oil, and 60x oil, all with DIC capabilities. An LED illumination system for fluorescence, and filters for widefield using DAPI, GFP, and Tex Red filters. 
      The Ni stand uses Nikon’s proprietary stratum structure, used and highly acclaimed for inverted research microscopes, is now incorporated in an upright microscope, allowing a combination of components to be installed. There is a Prior motorized x/y stage and color camera for tiling of large areas of interest in brighfield, DIC, fluorescence and confocal modes.


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