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      The Immigration History Research Center Archives (IHRCA, or IHRC Archives) is an archives and library for the study of immigration, ethnicity, and race. We select sources documenting a broad range of immigrant and refugee experiences, and strive to connect archives to today’s experiences.
      We are part of the Migration and Social Services Collections in Archives & Special Collections (ASC) in the University of Minnesota Libraries. We also work closely with our colleagues in the Immigration History Research Center in the College of Liberal Arts. 
      Our collections' strengths are first and second generation immigrants and displaced persons who came to the USA from central, eastern, and southern Europe; the eastern Mediterranean (formerly called the “Near East” region of the Middle East and North Africa); and late-20th and early-21st century immigrants and refugees. Our collections vary from print to manuscript to born digital. They include personal papers as well as organizational records of ethnic and immigrant-formed groups, and of social service providers.


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