Virtual Layer-fMRI Dinner #1

  • Luca Vizioli (Creator)
  • Laurentius (Renzo) Huber (Creator)
  • Cheryl A Olman (Creator)
  • Kamil Uludag (Creator)



Authors are listed on the order of their presentations. 

Three paths to mesoscopic fMRI:

Luca Vizioli: IntroductionRenzo Huber: Whatever works: There is no winner among BOLD or non-BOLD contrasts.Cheryl Olman: Whatever gives me the best true resolution and decent SNR.Kamil Uludag: Whatever I understand doesn’t hurt me.

 Videos of the presentations and the following discussion are here:

The first Virtual Layer-fMRI Dinner took place on May 7th, 2020.

It was sponsored by CMRR and the York-Maastricht partnership grant
Date made available2020

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