Value of Curation Survey, January 2021

  • Lisa R Johnston (Creator)
  • Renata Curty (Creator)
  • Sophia Lafferty-Hess (Creator)
  • Hannah Hadley (Creator)
  • Jonathan Petters (Creator)
  • Hoa Luong (Creator)
  • Jake Carlson (Creator)
  • Wendy Kozlowski (Creator)



This dataset includes the raw and augmented survey results from the January 2021 Value of Curation survey run by the Data Curation Network. Distributed to US data repository staff and directors via email listservs the survey received a total of 120 responses. 22 responses were for non-US repositories and three did not provide a repository of reference. A majority of the participants self-identified as staff members with 52 staff and 34 repository directors. The remaining were 5 unaffiliated users, and 4 unaffiliated depositors. A third of the responses (68) were associated with certified CoreTrustSeal repositories, and 27 responses were related to members of the Data Curation Network (DCN).

The survey data consist of 6 data files (csv) a codebook (csv) the survey instrument (pdf) and a readme

Funding information
Sponsorship: Alfred P Sloan Foundation

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Date made availableAug 30 2021
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota
Date of data productionJan 4 2021 - Jan 22 2021

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