Trimmed RNASeq pair for the Galaxy Training Network tutorial - "Metatranscriptomics analysis using microbiome RNASeq data"



Functional microbiome analysis which estimates the functional groups expressed by microbial community enables researchers to look beyond taxonomic composition and correlation with the condition under study. Using microbial community RNA-Seq data and subsequent metatranscriptomics workflows to elucidate the functional complement of the microbiome is gaining interest in the field. 
This Galaxy training network tutorial will introduce researchers to the basic concepts and tools from the published ASaiM workflow (Batut et al, <em>GigaScience</em> (2018), 7 (6), 

The dataset is a trimmed version of one of the time points from a cellulose degradation biogas reactor dataset. The dataset has been trimmed to facilitate running the workflows for this tutorial. Any biological interpretation from the results would be incorrect, due to the trimmed version of the dataset.
Date made available2019

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