Transcriptome Meta Data Compilation for Chinese hamster tissues and CHO cell lines

  • Arpan Bandyopadhyay (Creator)
  • Nithya M Jacob (Creator)
  • Kathryn C. Johnson (Creator)
  • Huong Le (Creator)
  • Nandita Vishwanathan (Creator)
  • Andrew Yongky (Creator)
  • Hsu-Yuan Fu (Creator)



Transcriptomics is increasingly being used on Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells to unveil physiological insights related to their performance during production processes. The rich transcriptome data can be exploited to provide impetus for systems investigation such as modeling the central carbon metabolism or glycosylation pathways, or even building genome-scale models. To harness the power of transcriptome assays, we assembled and annotated a set of RNA-Seq data from multiple CHO cell lines and Chinese hamster tissues, and constructed a DNA microarray. These tools were used to measure the transcript expression of tissues (liver, brain, ovary), 3 parental cell lines (DG44, DXB11, CHO-K1) and 16 recombinant cell lines. Transcript expression levels for tissues and cell lines have been compiled as an excel spreadsheet to allow for a rapid survey of transcript levels of different genes.
Date made available2016
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota

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