Three-dimensional digital models of lithic cores from the archaeological site of Les Cottés (France)



3D scanning is becoming an increasingly utilized tool in archaeology. In comparison with other methods of 3D registration close-range photogrammetry has the benefits of being relatively inexpensive, mobile, and extremely adaptable for use in field conditions. Here, 3D models of lithic cores from the Châtelperronian, Protoaurignacian, and Early Aurignacian levels of the site of Les Cottés (France) are presented as examples of the quality of model that can be produced using photographs taken with a simple and inexpensive photogrammetry rig.

There are three ways to view the 3D models in this data set. All models are freely available for download in the form of 3D PDFs. These can be opened in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. We are also making OBJ versions of these models available upon request the for educational and research purposes. Some models may also be viewed online within a web browser by visiting the first author's profile on the website Sketchfab. The URL for these models is Because Sketchfab is a third-party site, the authors cannot ensure the longevity of these version of the models. Two versions of a photogrammetric scale, which may be used during image capture to facilitate image alignment and model scaling, are also available here. If you encounter issues with photogrammetry software improperly aligning photos or not recognizing the coded targets included in version 1, we suggest trying our alternative scale, which uses non-coded markers and different reference patterns. Specific questions about the site of Les Cottés and about access to additional materials may be addressed to Marie Soressi (
Date made available2015
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota

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