The Center of Pressure Data from "The Rim and Ancient Mariner: The Nautical Horizon Affects Postural Sway in Older Adults"



This dataset contains the raw center of pressure data collected on the Enrichment Voyage ( on an AMTI (Advanced Mechanical Technology, Inc.) force plate. The data was collected across two days from 18 participants. There were two conditions (the near condition and the far condition) split evenly across six trials in a randomized order. In the trials of the near condition, participants stood on the force plate with their hands comfortably on their sides with their shoes on. They maintained their gaze on a tripod located 50 cm from their heel for the duration of the trial. In the trials of the far condition, everything remains the same, except that the tripod was removed, and participants were instructed to look at the horizon. Trials were 60 seconds long.
Date made available2016
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota

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