Test Networks from "Measuring the Structure of Road Networks"

  • David M Levinson (Creator)
  • Feng Xie (Creator)



Fig. 5 displays four base networks , 15 x 15 90° network (A0), 15 x 15 45° network (B0), and 15 x 15 30° network (C0), and 4 x 4 complete network (D0), as well as 12 network structures derived from them (three for each). As can be seen, links have been specified as five different hierarchies [1-5]. The boldness and grayness of a link indicates its hierarchy level and a bolder and darker link represents a road of a higher hierarchy. This study examines these 16 networks with proposed structural measures. (p 348 of Xie and Levinson (2007) Measuring the Structure of Road Networks)
Date made available2016
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota

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