Tables for: The Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury XXI. The Legacy Resolved Stellar Photometry Catalog

  • Benjamin F. Williams (Creator)
  • Meredith Durbin (Creator)
  • Dustin Lang (Creator)
  • Julianne J. Dalcanton (Creator)
  • Andrew E. Dolphin (Creator)
  • Adam Smercina (Creator)
  • Petia Yanchulova Merica-Jones (Creator)
  • Daniel R. Weisz (Creator)
  • Eric F. Bell (Creator)
  • Karoline M. Gilbert (Creator)
  • Léo Girardi (Creator)
  • Karl Gordon (Creator)
  • Puragra Guhathakurta (Creator)
  • L. Clifton Johnson (Creator)
  • Tod R. Lauer (Creator)
  • Anil Seth (Creator)
  • Evan D Skillman (Creator)
  • August Muench (Contributor)



This deposit contains the full machine-readable tables for the accepted version of the manuscript, "The Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury XXI. The Legacy Resolved Stellar Photometry Catalog", submitted and accepted to the Astrophysical Journal Supplments. The specific files included in this deposit are the full version of Tables 1-3 in this manuscript: Table 1: Simplified table of PHAT photometry for easy use; Table 2: Simplified table of artificial star test results for easy use; Table 3: Summary of artificial star statistics as a function of brightness and stellar density. The *.txt files are formatted according to the machine-readable standards adopted by the AAS Journals and CDS/Vizier. Documentation of this format can be found at these links: AAS Journals MRT overview CDS/Vizier standards These files can be read in python using the astropy package or with the most recent version of TOPCAT (> Version 4.8). An example script for reading these files in astropy is given here: from astropy.table import Table
data ="datafile3.txt", format="ascii.cds")
In addition, a headerless, compressed TeX (&-delimited; "full_table.tex.xz") version of Table 1, and a header-only, dataless version of Table 1 ("datafile1_headeronly.txt") are provided to give users additional tools for dealing with this large dataset. The compression routine was applied using xz with the encodings xz -z -7 -T 0 full_table.tex xz -z -9 -T 0 datafile1.txt The Table 1 files on Zenodo were then split into smaller chunks to upload them to Zenodo using the GNU split routine. The full files can be recovered by recombining them before decompressing them. The list of related commands and the expected md5 hexidecimal checksums are given here: split --bytes=512M ../full_table.tex.xz full_table.tex.xz. split --bytes=512M ../datafile1.txt.xz datafile1.txt.xz. cat full_table.tex.xz.a* > full_table.tex.xz cat datafile1.txt.xz.a* > datafile1.txt.xz MD5 (full_table.tex.xz) = 7f9195210bec61c08d04926ada4a021a MD5 (datafile1.txt.xz) = 63205fe1051e97f4e04380dd23469893 Finally, those interested in generating their own cuts from the DOLPHOT quality parameters can access the full photometry tables, available at MAST as a High Level Science Product via
Date made availableJul 14 2023

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