Supporting Data for Tanioka, Fichot, and Matsumoto (2020), Frontiers in Marine Science



This dataset contains files from [Tanioka, T., Fichot, C. G., &amp; Matsumoto, K. (2020). Toward Determining the Spatio-Temporal Variability of Upper-Oean Ecosystem Stoichiometry From Satellite Remote Sensing. <em>Frontiers in Marine Science, </em> 7:604893. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2020.604893]

1.  = Monthly climatology of satellite-derived variables.

2. = Timeseries of satellite-derived phytoplankton C:P, POC:POP, and Cphyto:POC at BATS and HOT.
Date made available2020

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