Supporting Data for Tanioka and Matsumoto (2020), GRL



This is the dataset and codes used to make main figures of Tanioka and Matsumoto (2020), Stability of marine organic matter respiration stoichiometry. <em>Geophysical Research Letters</em>, 47,

1. SupportInfo_T6_pdf = Macromolecule Data used to make Figure S8 in the supporting Information.

2. Data_Finkel16_Pone.mat = Phytoplankton macromolecule data used to make Figure 3a in the main text

3. montecarlo_result.mat = Result of Monte Carlo Simulation used to make histogram in Figure 3b in the main text

4. analyze_Finkel.m = MATLAB code used to make Figure 3a and 3b in the main text. Updated on 2019-12-20. RQ is now in units of mol C/mol O2.

Date made available2019

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