Supporting Data for Tandem ROMP/Hydrogenation Approach to Hydroxy-Telechelic Linear Polyethylene

  • Caitlin Sample (Creator)
  • Elizabeth Kellstedt (Creator)
  • Marc A Hillmyer (Creator)



These files contain data along with associated output from instrumentation supporting all results reported in Sample et. al. "Tandem ROMP/Hydrogenation Approach to Hydroxy-Telechelic Linear Polyethylene." In Sample et. al. we found: Hydroxy-telechelic polycycloalkenamers have long been synthesized using ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP) in the presence of an acyclic olefin chain-transfer agent (CTA); however, this route typically requires protected diols in the CTA due to the challenge of alcohol-mediated degradation of ruthenium metathesis catalysts that can not only deactivate the catalysts but also compromise the CTA. We demonstrate the synthesis and implementation of a new hydroxyl-containing CTA in which extended methylene spacers isolate the olefin and alcohol moieties to mitigate decomposition pathways. This CTA enabled the direct ROMP synthesis of hydroxy-telechelic polycyclooctene with controlled chain lengths dictated by the initial ratio of monomer to CTA. The elimination of protection/deprotection steps resulted in improved atom economy. Subsequent hydrogenation of the backbone olefins was performed by a one-pot, catalytic approach employing the same ruthenium alkylidene catalyst used for the initial ROMP. The resultant approach is a stream-lined, atom-economic, and low-waste route to hydroxy-telechelic linear polyethylene that uses a green solvent, succeeds with miniscule quantities of catalyst (0.005 mol%), and requires no additional purification steps.

The raw data files are organized in folders corresponding to the Figure, Table, or Scheme in which they are used. The type of analysis is noted in the folder name and each individual filename.

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Sponsorship: National Science Foundation (Award No. DMR-2003454)

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Date made availableApr 11 2022
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota
Date of data productionDec 16 2020 - Jan 21 2022

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