Supporting data for spectral rigidity of non-Hermitian symmetric random matrices near the Anderson transition



We numerically calculate the number variance in the three dimensional TME model and study the evolution of the number variance as a function of average number of eigenvalues with different disorder parameters as the system goes from a metal to an insulator. We use statistics of complex eigenvalues obtained by diagonalization of the TME model on many realizations of cubic lattices with side length L = 8,12,16. The diagonalization is done using LAPACK algorithm. The TME model may be used to describe a random laser.

The set of data required to produce the plot of number variance of eigenvalues inside disks in the complex plane.
Date made availableJul 1 2020
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota
Date of data productionJun 1 2020 - Jul 1 2020

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