Supplementary Materials of A Review of Affective Computing Research Based on Function-Component-Representation Framework



There are three data files. The first data file includes complete results of our coding of 1,110 papers in terms of function (along with detailed subtopic), component (along with detailed modality), and representation (along with detailed type) that are discussed in our survery paper. The second data file includes lists of related surveys, books, and other resources that are mentioned in our survey paper and can be used for additional reference to our survey paper. The third data file includes tables of frequency distributions of 1,110 papers over different coding categories and over time. These data files can increase the transparency, reproduciblity, and replicability of our paper and facilitate knowledge sharing among the research community. They also provide detailed information about our conceptual analysis. It is requested by reviewers of our paper to publicize these data for the benefit of readers and the research community.
Date made availableApr 26 2021
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota
Date of data productionOct 2001 - Oct 2017

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