State of Sustainability Practices among Minnesota Tourism Businesses, 2007-2013



The dataset was used in three major ways. First, using data collected in 2013, we documented the current attitude towards sustainability practices among tourism businesses in Minnesota, particularly how they perceive the benefits and difficulties of implementing these practices. We also documented the extent of implementation of six types of sustainability practices, including energy efficiency, waste minimization, environmental purchasing, air quality, water conservation, and landscaping/wildlife. Second, we assessed whether attitude towards sustainability practices and the extent of implementing various practices changed over time (i.e., across the three surveys). Lastly, we benchmarked current level of knowledge of invasive species among Minnesota tourism businesses using data from the 2013 survey. This is the first time that the survey includes questions that assess knowledge of invasive species, providing a benchmarking opportunity.

We want to release this dataset, because there is little research that documents the extent to which different types of sustainability practices are implemented among tourism businesses in the state of Minnesota. The tourism industry makes significant contributions to the state's economy, at the same time, relying on the many natural assets that the state has to continue attracting visitors. Therefore, it is important that the tourism industry contributes to, rather than deters, the progress of sustainability practices. We believe that releasing this dataset will help increase public awareness of and interest in the trend of implementing sustainability practices among tourism businesses in Minnesota.
Date made available2009
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota

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