Snapshot Safari Educational Materials

  • Meredith S Palmer (Creator)
  • Jess Dewey (Creator)
  • Sarah E Huebner (Creator)



Snapshot Safari ( is a cross-continental network of biodiversity monitoring programs run by the University of Minnesota Lion Center ( To address the urgent need for accurately assessing vulnerable wildlife populations, we deployed over two dozen camera trap surveys distributed in protected areas across Africa. We rely on the help of online volunteers ("citizen scientists") to help classify animals captured in our millions of camera trap images. The citizen science platform provides a novel opportunity for public engagement and science education, and we have created educational multimedia based on the Snapshot Safari citizen science experience to promote these learning opportunities. Here, we present activities and videos aimed at a middle school-level audience that use our camera trap images to teach ecological and conservation principles.

These materials were created by Jessica Dewey as part of a Ph.D. program at University of Minnesota. This collection contains six educational activities to teach ecological principles via authentic learning experiences using read data from our wildlife surveys. Activity 1 guides students through setting up a Zooniverse account and take part in citizen science projects. Activity 2 helps students formulate ecological questions base on camera trap image data. Activity 3 teaches students about the different daily activity patterns of African species. Activity 4 presents students with data from a predator playback experiment and asks students to formulate hypotheses about predator-prey interactions. Activity 5 guides students through the process of connecting to the Zooniverse mobile app. Activity 6 presents an interactive timeline of conservation activities at the Snapshot Safari sites used in these programs. As a note: camera trap data is delivered to the UMN Lion Center several times a year. If a project you are interested in does not have data at the moment, check back soon! Classified images can still be accessed by clicking the "Classify" tab within individual projects.
Date made available2020
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota

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