Shapefiles of Lago Argentino - Rio Santa Cruz glacial landforms

  • Matias Romero (Creator)
  • Shanti Penprase (Creator)
  • Maximillian Van Wyk de Vries (Creator)
  • Andrew D Wickert (Creator)
  • Andrew Jones (Creator)
  • Shaun Marcott (Creator)
  • Jorge Strelin (Creator)
  • Mateo Martini (Creator)
  • Tammy Rittenour (Creator)
  • Guido Brignone (Creator)
  • Mark Shapley (Creator)
  • Emi Ito (Creator)
  • Kelly MacGregor (Creator)
  • Marc Caffee (Creator)



Shapefiles of mapped glacial landforms in the upper Rio Santa Cruz valley (eastern margin of Lago Argentino), southern Patagonia, Argentina. We manually digitized the geomorphological features, and we created both polygons and polylines to delineate the glacial landforms. CRS info: EPSG:32718 - WGS 84 / UTM zone 18S - Projected This mapping is part of a manuscript currently in review: 'Late Quaternary glacial maxima in Southern Patagonia: insights from the Lago Argentino glacier lobe' by Romero et al. (2024) in Clim. Past Discuss. [preprint], More information about methods and datasets used for high resolution geomorphological mapping available in the preprint.
Date made availableJun 11 2024

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