Regions of High Confidence in Chinese Hamster and CHO-K1 Genome Assemblies

  • Arpan Bandyopadhyay (Creator)
  • Wei-Shou Hu (Creator)
  • Nitya M. Jacob (Creator)
  • Kathryn Johnson (Creator)
  • George Karypis (Creator)
  • Huong Le (Creator)
  • Joann Mudge (Creator)
  • Innocent G Onsongo (Creator)
  • Thiruvarangan Ramaraj (Creator)
  • Mohit Sharma (Creator)
  • Kevin Silverstein (Creator)
  • Nandita Vishwanathan (Creator)
  • Hsu-Yuan Fu (Creator)



Chinese hamster Ovary (CHO) cell lines are the dominant industrial workhorses for therapeutic recombinant protein production. The availability of the genome sequence of Chinese hamster and CHO cells will spur further genome and RNA sequencing of producing cell lines. However, the mammalian genomes assembled using shot-gun sequencing data still contain regions of uncertain quality due to assembly errors. Identifying high confidence regions in the assembled genome will facilitate its use for cell engineering and genome engineering. This dataset includes two genome annotation files that identify the 'high confidence regions' shared by the genome assemblies in comparison. The potential use of these files are to find locations in the publically available genome which are likely to be assembled correctly. These regions can be used confidently for genome engineering.
Date made available2016
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota

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