PyCO2SYS: marine carbonate system calculations in Python

  • Matthew P. Humphreys (Creator)
  • Abigail J. Schiller (Creator)
  • Daniel Sandborn (Creator)
  • Luke Gregor (Creator)
  • Denis Pierrot (Creator)
  • Steven M. A. C. van Heuven (Creator)
  • Ernie R. Lewis (Creator)
  • Douglas W. R. Wallace (Creator)



Changes in v1.8.2 New features Added opt_pressured_kCO2 to enable pressure corrections for the fugacity factor and CO<sub>2</sub> solubility constant following W74. These have been added to CO2SYS-MATLAB by Jon Sharp at the same time with consistent results (differences less than 10<sup>−4</sup> %). These pressure corrections are not enabled by default, for consistency with previous versions. Bug fixes Fixed logicals in solve.core() that had meant no results were returned for parameter type combinations 7, 10, 7, 11, 8, 10 and 8, 11. Updated Autograd version for compatibility with Python 3.11.
Date made available2023

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