PyCO2SYS: marine carbonate system calculations in Python

  • Matthew P. Humphreys (Creator)
  • Abigail J. Schiller (Creator)
  • Daniel Sandborn (Creator)
  • Luke Gregor (Creator)
  • Denis Pierrot (Creator)
  • Steven M. A. C. van Heuven (Creator)
  • Ernie R. Lewis (Creator)
  • Douglas W. R. Wallace (Creator)



<em>Changes in v1.8.1</em>
<em>Breaking changes</em>
For consistency with other settings, buffers_mode kwarg key changed to opt_buffers_mode and its values are now integers rather than strings.
<em>New features</em>
Adds new par1_type / par2_type options 10 and 11 for saturation states with respect to calcite and aragonite.Adds KSK18 parameterisation for estimating total borate from salinity.
Switched to Autograd v1.4.
Date made available2022

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