PMC Turbo image and lidar data taken in July 2018, supplement to Geach et al. (2020) "Gravity Wave and Vortex Ring Formation Observed by PMC Turbo" submitted to JGR: Atmospheres

  • Christopher P Geach (Creator)
  • Shaul Hanany (Creator)
  • David C. Fritts (Creator)
  • Bernd Kaifler (Creator)
  • Natalie Kaifler (Creator)
  • C. Bjorn Kjellstrand (Creator)
  • Bifford P. Williams (Creator)
  • S. D. Eckermann (Creator)
  • Amber Miller (Creator)
  • Glenn Jones (Creator)
  • Jason Reimuller (Creator)



These datasets are published in accordance with AGU requirements for journal submission.

Data consist of image data (""), lidar data(""), and NAVGEM reanalysis output (""). Image and lidar data were taken aboard the PMC Turbo instrument described in Fritts et al. (2019) "PMC Turbo: Studying Gravity Wave and Instability Dynamics in the Summer Mesosphere Using Polar Mesospheric Cloud Imaging and Profiling From a Stratospheric Balloon". Images contain metadata: balloon location, altitude, and pointing, and image exposure time. NAVGEM reanalysis model is described in Eckermann et al. (2018) "High-Altitude (0–100 km) Global Atmospheric Reanalysis System: Description and Application to the 2014 Austral Winter of the Deep Propagating Gravity Wave Experiment (DEEPWAVE)". Data consists of vertical profiles from 50-100 km of meridional winds, zonal winds, temperatures and buoyancy frequency.

Funding information
Sponsorship: NASA: 80NSSC18K0050
Date made available2020
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota
Date of data productionJul 10 2018

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