MHD Model of Ganymede's Magnetosphere: Predicted OCFB and magnetic footprint surface locations for Juno's flyby

  • Stefan Duling (Creator)
  • Joachim Saur (Creator)
  • George Clark (Creator)
  • Frederic Allegrini (Creator)
  • Thomas Greathouse (Creator)
  • Randy Gladstone (Creator)
  • William Kurth (Creator)
  • John E. P. Connerney (Creator)
  • Fran Bagenal (Creator)
  • Ali H Sulaiman (Creator)



This dataset contains model results from a magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) model of Ganymede's magnetosphere adapted to Juno's PJ34 flyby in 2021. Here we publish coordinates for the predicted location of the open-closed-field line-boundary (OCFB) on Ganymede's surface. Additionally we provide coordinates of Juno's magnetic footprint, namely the surface locations that connect to Juno's trajectory through magnetic field lines.

For the surface locations we use a western longitude planetographic coordinate system where 0° longitude is in direction of the y-axis and 90° in direction of the x-axis of the cartesian GPhiO system. The GPhiO system is defined by the primary direction
z parallel to Jupiter’s rotation axis, the secondary direction y is pointing towards Jupiter barycenter
and x completes the right-handed system approximately in direction of plasma flow.



Longitude [°]
Northern OCFB latitude [°]
Southern OCFB latitude [°]



Spacecraft time [UTC]
Magnetic footprint longitude [°]
Magnetic footprint latitude [°]
Length of field line between Juno and surface [radii]
Length of field line between Juno and surface [km]
r coordinate of Juno [radii]
Latitude of Juno [°]
Longitude of Juno [°]
x of Juno in GPhiO [km]
y of Juno in GPhiO [km]
z of Juno in GPhiO [km]


A plot that visualizes the data of this repository.
Date made available2022

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