LSDtopotools/LSDTopoTools2: LSDTopoTools2 v0.7

  • S.M. Mudd (Creator)
  • F. J. Clubb (Creator)
  • S.W.D. Grieve (Creator)
  • D.T. Milodowski (Creator)
  • B. Gailleton (Creator)
  • M.D. Hurst (Creator)
  • D.V. Valters (Creator)
  • Andrew D Wickert (Creator)
  • E.W.H Hutton (Creator)



This is LSDTopoTools2 version 0.7. This includes a number of improvements to the valley width extraction algorithms including those used in the paper This release has a new dependency on the OpenCV library. The programs will compile without this library but the valley metrics component will only compile with OpenCV. This version removed dependency on the Point Cloud Library. It also includes updated functionality for the cosmogenic tools, so the analyses from the CAIRN (Mudd et al 2016) method are streamlined.
Date made available2022

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