LSDTopoTools2 v0.5

  • S.M. Mudd (Creator)
  • F. J. Clubb (Creator)
  • S.W.D. Grieve (Creator)
  • D.T. Milodowski (Creator)
  • B. Gailleton (Creator)
  • M.D. Hurst (Creator)
  • D.V. Valters (Creator)
  • Andrew D Wickert (Creator)
  • E.W.H Hutton (Creator)



This update provides some improvements to the floodplain extraction algorithms. In addition there are some new features in basic metrics for raster manipulation.

We have also included help and version flags to the command line tools. If you call a command line tool with the flag -h then you will produce a csv explaining all the options for each tool.
Date made available2021

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