Lithic Collection from the Early Upper Paleolithic Site of Tvarožná X, Czech Republic



This dataset is composed of the artifact inventory data and 3D models of the lithic artifact collection from the Early Upper Paleolithic open-air site of Tvarožná-Za školou, also known as Tvarožná X, at roughly 49°11’22.0”N by 16°46’19.6”E, near the modern city of Brno in the Czech Republic. The 3D models represent all of the retouched tools, complete flakes, and cores recovered during the 2008 and 2015 excavation seasons conducted by Dr. Gilbert Tostevin and Dr. Gilliane Monnier of the Department of Anthropology, University of Minnesota, in collaboration with Dr. Petr Škrdla of the Institute of Archaeology, Czech Academy of Science, Brno, Czech Republic. The lithic technology of this assemblage reflects a Bohunician core technology with a large diversity of raw material types, relative to other assemblages attributed to that Early Upper Paleolithic industrial type. The 3D collection is composed of 187 models out of the 645 artifacts (over 2.0 cm in maximal dimension) recovered from the piece-plotting and wet-sieving (through 3x3mm mesh) of the 39.75 square meter excavated portion of this site.

All artifact models are freely available for download in the form of 3D PLY files. Specific questions about the site of Tvarožná X, access to the physical collection, and additional materials may be addressed to Dr. Petr Škrdla at the Institute of Archaeology, Brno, Czech Republic ( Questions about the data pertinent to the lithic attribute analysis should be addressed to Dr. Gilbert Tostevin ( while questions about the microarchaeological study of the site should be addressed to Dr. Gilliane Monnier (, both of the University of Minnesota. Refit analyses were accomplished by Dr. Petr Škrdla and raw material identifications were made by Dr. Antonín Přichystal (Department of Geology, Masaryk University, Czech Republic) and Dr. Petr Škrdla. Technical specifics about the 3D modeling process and file structure are provided in the collection’s ReadMe_TvaroznaX_3D.txt file.

Funding information
Sponsorship: United States National Science Foundation Grant Number: BCS-1354095 “The Emergence Of Modern Human Behavior: Excavations at Tvarožná-Za skolou”; Co-PIs: Drs. Gilbert Tostevin & Gilliane Monnier; 2014-2018.; GAČR (Czech Academy of Sciences) Project 15-19170S “Earliest Modern Human Behavior in Eastern Central Europe”; PI: Dr. Petr Škrdla, 2015-2017.
Date made available2019
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota
Date of data productionJan 2 2016 - Jan 20 2016

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