LibGuides dataset: Subject guides at academic libraries



Derived data reflecting organizational practices of 12,781 subject guides on the LibGuides platform from 117 academic institutions. Includes URLs, page titles, descriptions, subject tags, box and tab titles, and profile information collected from subject guides in 2020. Data was used to support a comparative analysis of published "best practices" related to library guides with the actual practices observable across guides.

One CSV file containing 12,781 rows—one for each subject guide page—and eleven columns representing the following elements from each guide page: institutional site id, URL, page size (length in characters), number of links per page, guide title, guide description, the date last updated, a key/value list of the names and URLs for each tab on the guide, a list of the titles of the boxes on the guide, a key/value list of the names and URLs of guide profiles, and a key/value list of the names and URLS for subject tags associated with the guide.

Referenced by
Hennesy, C. & Adams, A.L. (2021). Measuring actual practices: A Computational analysis of LibGuides in academic libraries. (Under review)
Date made availableMay 20 2021
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota
Date of data productionOct 15 2020 - Dec 9 2020

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