iPRG-2020: Proteome Informatics Research Group Study on Metaproteomics

  • Pratik D Jagtap (Creator)
  • Susan T. Weintraub (Creator)
  • Darryl Davis (Creator)
  • Antony Harvey (Creator)
  • Michael Hoopmann (Creator)
  • Lukas Käll (Creator)
  • Samuel H. Payne (Creator)
  • Yasset Perez-Riverol (Creator)
  • Magnus Palmblad (Creator)



Metaproteomics – the characterization of proteins expressed by microbiomes – presents a range of technical challenges, from sampling to data processing and interpretation. In the iPRG 2020 study, we investigated the status of metaproteomics data analysis workflows by posing questions to the metaproteomics studies in two studies. In two phases of the study, the participants were asked to deduce the organisms or taxa in a metaproteomics sample (“What species are represented in the sample?”) and what biological phenomena have taken place (“What interactions took place between the species in the mixture?”). The outputs from these studies will be presented at the RG session at ABRF 2021.
Date made available2021

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