Inconsistent sexual signaling degrades optimal mating decisions in animals



Data from a series of phonotaxis tests used to investigate the effects of within-individual variation (inconsistency) in male signals and ambient chorus noise on female mating decisions in Cope's gray treefrog. This dataset is among only a few generated to examine the effects of within-individual variation in signal production on animal communication. The data are now being released in support of a publication describing our findings.

The single data file contains the entire dataset in "long" format (i.e., there are multiple row entries related to each test subject).

Funding information
Sponsorship: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship under Grant No. 00039202; National Science Foundation IOS-1452831; Animal Behavior Society Student Research Grant; Joyce Davenport Fellowship in Natural History through the Bell Museum of Natural History; Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Date made available2020
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota
Date of data productionMay 1 2015 - Jul 4 2017

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