Historical Population Estimates for 2010 U.S. States, Counties and Metro/Micro Areas, 1790-2010



    The core of this data set is a series of historical population estimates for each U.S. decennial census year, 1790-2010, for all U.S. counties and county equivalents (excluding Puerto Rico and other territories), using spatially fixed 2010 county definitions. The data set also includes additional statistics derived from the county data, including historical population estimates for 2010 states and for metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas (i.e., core-based statistical areas, or CBSAs) following both 2009 and 2013 CBSA definitions. Errors may be substantial in many cases, so users should not give great weight to any single estimate in analyses. However, for broad studies covering large regions or timespans, errors may generally have a small impact, and using these spatially standardized data enables a broad range of visualization and analytical approaches that would not otherwise be applicable. The data were originally generated for use in the production of an atlas of U.S. population distribution and change, which has not been published. The author has also used the data in the production of conference posters.
    Date made available2016
    PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota

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