Global Dynamics of the Stationary M2 Mode-1 Internal Tide



In a recent manuscript, the Coupled-mode Shallow Water model (CSW) was run to examine global internal tide dynamics. This manuscript examines the sensitivity of internal-tide generation, propagation, and dissipation to model resolution, dissipation parameterizations, density stratification, surface tides, and bathymetry. This submission includes the configuration files for CSW, as well as the subset of data and Matlab scripts needed to recreate the figures and tables in the manuscript.

There are three folders (compressed in .zip format). Each folder has an associated plain-text documentation file that includes detailed information about its contents. The folders are: (1) CSW_config. This folder includes C header files for the Coupled-mode Shallow Water model (CSW). CSW and it's associated processing scripts are available at The model dynamics are described by Savage et al. (2020). These header files cannot be used without the CSW source code. (2) post_processing. This folder includes Matlab scripts that read and consolidate data from CSW and the High Resolution Empirical Tide model (HRET). These scripts cannot be run until the CSW simulations have been completed and post_processed into Matlab data files. HRET is the property of Ed Zaron at Oregon State University. The scripts in this folder write matlab data files that are used by the scripts in the "plotting_scripts" folder. (3) plotting_scripts. This folder contains Matlab scripts that re-create the figures included in Kelly et al. (2020). All of the data needed for these scripts are included in the folder. These scripts can be run in Matlab without any previous steps (although some color maps must be downloaded from the Matlab file exchange).

Funding information
Sponsorship: Sponsorship: National Science Foundation, OCE-PO 1434352; Sponsorship: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NNX16AH75G
Date made available2020
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota
Date of data productionNov 13 2020

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