Experimental realization of the 1D random field Ising model

  • Nicholas Bingham (Creator)
  • Spencer Rooke (Creator)
  • Jungsik Park (Creator)
  • Alejandro Simon (Creator)
  • William Zhu (Creator)
  • Xiaoyu Zhang (Creator)
  • Joseph Batley (Creator)
  • Justin Watts (Creator)
  • Chris Leighton (Creator)
  • Karin Dahmen (Creator)
  • Peter Schiffer (Creator)



We have measured magnetic-field-induced avalanches in a square artificial spin ice array of interacting nanomagnets. Starting from the ground state ordered configuration, we imaged the individual nanomagnet moments after each successive application of an incrementally increasing field. The statistics of the evolution of the moment configuration show good agreement with the canonical one-dimensional random field Ising model. We extract information about the microscopic structure of the arrays from our macroscopic measurements of their collective behavior, demonstrating a process that could be applied to other systems exhibiting avalanches.
Date made availableApr 27 2022

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