Digital Surface Model, Minnesota (2006-2012)

  • Christopher Brink (Creator)
  • Benjamin Gosack (Creator)
  • Len Kne (Creator)
  • Yuanyuan Luo (Creator)
  • Christopher Martin (Creator)
  • Molly McDonald (Creator)
  • Michael Moore (Creator)
  • Andrew Munsch (Creator)
  • Stephen Palka (Creator)
  • Devon Piernot (Creator)
  • Dan Thiede (Creator)
  • Andrew Walz (Creator)
  • Yiquan Xie (Creator)



A 1m resolution digital surface model that was generated from raw lidar data. This dataset was an intermediate product of a process to model potential solar insolation for the state of Minnesota.
Date made available2015
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota

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Brink, C. (Creator), Gosack, B. (Creator), Kne, L. (Creator), Luo, Y. (Creator), Martin, C. (Creator), McDonald, M. (Creator), Moore, M. (Creator), Munsch, A. (Creator), Palka, S. (Creator), Piernot, D. (Creator), Thiede, D. (Creator), Walz, A. (Creator), Xie, Y. (Creator) (2015). Digital Surface Model, Minnesota (2006-2012). Data Repository for the University of Minnesota. 10.13020/D6SG6N