Differentially Expressed Gene Transcripts Using RNA Sequencing from the Blood of Immunosuppressed Kidney Allograft Recipients

  • Marcia J Brott (Creator)
  • Casey Dorr (Creator)
  • Weihua Guan (Creator)
  • Ajay Israni (Creator)
  • Pamala A Jacobson (Creator)
  • Jonathan Maltzman (Creator)
  • Arthur J Matas (Creator)
  • Amutha Muthusamy (Creator)
  • William S Oetting (Creator)
  • Kinjal Sanghavi (Creator)
  • Steven Scherer (Creator)
  • David Schladt (Creator)
  • Baolin Wu (Creator)



This is the FPKM and clinical covariate data from a paper in PLOS One. These data will be useful for future researchers to study gene expression patterns over time before and after immunosuppression and kidney transplantation. We removed subject names and any other identifiers in order to de-identify the subjects.
Date made available2016
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota

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