DCAN-Labs infant-abcd-bids-pipeline

  • Darrick Sturgeon (Creator)
  • Kathy Snider (Creator)
  • Lucille A. Moore (Creator)
  • Anders J. Perrone (Creator)
  • Eric Earl (Creator)
  • Thomas J. Madison (Creator)
  • Greg Conan (Creator)
  • Rachel Klein (Creator)
  • Oscar Miranda Dominguez (Creator)
  • Eric Feczko (Creator)
  • Alice Graham (Creator)
  • Damien Fair (Creator)



A pipeline, based on abcd-hcp-pipeline, to process fMRI data for human infants. The repository contains the Dockerfile, entrypoint.sh, SetupEnv.sh and the app folder containing the BIDS App source. All of this is needed in order for Docker Hub to build the infant-abcd-bids-pipeline.
Date made available2023

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