Dataset for "Characterization of inexpensive MOx sensor performance for trace methane detection"

  • Daniel C Furuta (Creator)
  • Tofigh Sayahi (Creator)
  • Li Jinsheng (Creator)
  • Bruce N Wilson (Creator)
  • Albert A. Presto (Creator)
  • Jiayu Li (Creator)



Laboratory calibration data for three replicates each of five types of inexpensive methane sensors in support of a study characterizing sensor suitability for atmospheric monitoring, with particular attention to sensitivity to humidity and temperature. Sensor performance from ambient levels to 10ppm was characterized with decaying methane pulses at five different temperatures. Methane, water vapor levels, and temperature were monitored with reference instruments.

A csv file with methane, temperature and humidity measurements, and the responses of fifteen inexpensive MOx sensors.

Funding information
Sponsorship: This work was funded by the US Department of Energy through the University Coalition for Fossil Energy Research (Grant S000663-USDOE).
Date made availableMar 23 2022
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota
Date of data productionJul 21 2021 - Jul 31 2021

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