Data to Accompany the 'Addressing Disparities in Physician Access to Information in Support of Evidence-based Practice' Study



Data was gathered for a study that aimed to determine if physicians have access to information resources needed to support Evidence Based Practice (EBP). A survey was distributed to physicians licensed to practice in Minnesota who provided their email address to the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. A total of 16,689 physicians were included in the licensing board mailing list; 13,726 provided their email address to the board and were contacted to participate in the survey. Of those, 1,188 individuals (8.7%) began the survey (all responses), 925 (6.7%) completed the survey, and 877 (6.4%) were used in the data analysis. The survey included 15 questions. Four short answer questions related to the number of unanswered clinical questions occurring each day when seeing patients, the number of those sought and answered, and the time spent seeking answers to those questions. One question asked physicians about their access to information resources that support EBP. One open-ended optional question asked participants to list additional information resources they use. Two Likert questions asked participants to what extent their information needs were met and the frequency of full-text access. Another open-ended question asked about strategies for accessing full-text books and articles. Finally, seven demographic questions were asked, including one on participant affiliation with either the UMN or the Mayo Clinic. Data collected are included in MN_physician_survey_dataset.csv and have value to those seeking to understand physician information seeking needs and behavior in support of EBP.

A. Filename: MN_physician_survey_dataset.csv: Data collected to determine Minnesota physicians' access to clinical information from the Survey on the State of Evidence-Based Medicine in Minnesota.
B. Filename: MN_physician_survey_codebook.pdf: Codebook to accompany dataset that details variables and variable labels, and the associated values and value labels.

Funding information
Sponsorship: Internally funded
Date made available2019
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota
Date of data productionJan 9 2018 - Jan 30 2018

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