Data Supporting 'Towards representing listed mussel species in risk assessment: A database and multivariate analysis of freshwater mussel life-history traits'

  • Adrian P Moore (Creator)
  • Nika Galic (Creator)
  • Richard Brain (Creator)
  • Daniel J. Hornbach (Creator)
  • Valery E Forbes (Creator)



These files represent a literature review and database of freshwater mussel life-history data collected from published studies.

Literature published between 1970 and 2015 was identified using the Illinois Natural History Survey Freshwater Mollusk Bibliography ( Articles published 2015-2019 were identified using the annual Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society bibliographies. Articles were initially reviewed using a scan of the title and abstract to look for relevant data. Articles appearing to have relevant data were read thoroughly. Relevant qualitative and quantitative data on mussel life history, physiology, and population characteristics along with important metadata were extracted and stored in a relational database in Microsoft Access (2016). This data is available here in .csv and .accdb formats along with a list of literature reviewed

Funding information
Sponsorship: Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC.; University of Minnesota
Date made available2021
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota
Date of data productionSep 2018 - Jul 2020

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