Data from range-wide study of migratory connectivity of Vermivora warblers

  • Kyle R Aldinger (Creator)
  • David E Andersen (Creator)
  • David B Buehler (Creator)
  • Lesley P Bulluck (Creator)
  • Sergio Harding (Creator)
  • John A. Jones (Creator)
  • Gunnar R. Kramer (Creator)
  • Justin A Lehman (Creator)
  • John P Loegering (Creator)
  • Sean M Peterson (Creator)
  • Curtis Smalling (Creator)
  • Henry M Streby (Creator)
  • Rachel Vallender (Creator)
  • Petra B Wood (Creator)



This collection of files provide data from a range-wide study of the migratory ecology of Vermivora warblers. Data include raw light-level data from geolocators, R code, and associated output. These data can be used to recreate analyses including:

(1) Individual nonbreeding occurrence and population-level nonbreeding overlap

(2) Individual migration routes and spatial distribution of individuals and populations during migration
Date made available2018
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota

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