Data from: International authorship and collaboration across bioRxiv preprints

  • Richard J. Abdill (Creator)
  • Elizabeth M. Adamowicz (Creator)
  • Ran Blekhman (Creator)



Data and supplementary tables for "International authorship and collaboration across bioRxiv preprints," a paper first posted to bioRxiv and now published in <em>eLife</em>.

"" includes all R code used to generate figures and perform analyses described in the paper."biorxiv_countries.postgres.backup" is a database snapshot that can be loaded into a PostgreSQL database to access all data collected and used in the study."schema.pdf" describes each field in each table of the database."manual_edits.sql" describes all corrections made to the automated inference of the country-level affiliations inferred for all authors."affiliation_corrections.csv" lists every unique affiliation string that was re-categorized after institutional corrections. The consequences of the corrections described in "manual_edits.sql.""institution_corrections_summary.csv" summarizes "affiliation_corrections.csv" by listing each "before" and "after" correction one time. It is important to note that each before/after pair does not necessarily indicate that <em>every</em> affiliation string from the "before" institution was reassigned to the "after" institution, just that at least one affiliation string was switched from one to the other.
Note that the final two "corrections" files describe steps taken to correct the institution-level associations between authors and countries. The final set of corrections assigned authors to countries using heuristics that did not take institution-level accuracy into account.

Version history:

1.0.0: New files uploaded reflecting substantial corrections to the data, mostly linked to classification of authors and preprints previously without a country classification. (26 Jun 2020)0.2.1: Added "schema.pdf" file, previously only in the manuscript.0.2.0: Added new files "affiliation_corrections.csv" and "institution_corrections_summary.csv"0.1.1: Database snapshot added.0.1.0: First version with supplementary tables added.
Date made available2020

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