Data for "Microfluidic long DNA sample preparation from cells" published as Lab Chip, 2019, 19, 281



This is the data for the article published as "Microfluidic long DNA sample preparation from cells" in Lab on a chip. The data includes DNA molecular weight distribution analysis and DNA concentration measurements from fluorometry data.

Fig5_Annotate.tif is the tiff file of Fig. 5 that has all the molecules numbered for analysis shown in MWD.csv. MWD.csv has the molecular weight distribution of the 121 DNA molecules in Fig. 5 of the manuscript, that is represented as a histogram in Fig. 6. QubitData.xlsx shows the DNA and protein concentration data of our device samples that is presented in the manuscript. This file was exported from the Qubit Fluorometer 2.0.

Funding information
Sponsorship: NIH (R21-HG009208); NNCI under Award Number ECCS-1542202
Date made available2019
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota
Date of data productionSep 1 2018 - Oct 30 2018

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