Data and code for "Optimizing early detection strategies: defining the effective attraction radius of attractants for emerald ash borer"

  • Jake Wittman (Creator)
  • Peter Silk (Creator)
  • Katie Parker (Creator)
  • Brian H Aukema (Creator)



From the publication: 1. Adult emerald ash borers are attracted to green prism traps baited with the ash host volatile (3Z)-hexenol and the sex pheromone of emerald ash borer (3Z)-dodecen-12-olide [(3Z)-lactone]. Quantifying the heretofore unknown range of attraction of such traps would help optimize deployment strategies for early detection. 2. Examining trap captures of traps deployed in pairs at variable distances offers insight into the range of attraction. Recent work has shown the range of attraction can be estimated as half the intertrap distance at which trap catch begins to decrease, which should occur when proximate traps overlap their respective attractive ranges. 3. We illustrate estimation of the traps' attractive range for emerald ash borer using ninety-eight baited green prism traps deployed in pairs, one trap per tree, in an urban park in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA in summer 2020. 4. We estimate attractive range by fitting a logistic model to trap catch data using Bayesian inferential methods and describe advantages thereof. 5. The attractive range of these baited traps was estimated to be between 16 -- 73m, with a median of 28m. We recommend that green prism traps baited with these semiochemicals be placed 25 - 35m apart near high-risk entry points.

This zip folder contains the code and data necessary to reproduce the analyses from the associated paper.

Funding information
Sponsorship: Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station project MIN-17-095.
Date made availableApr 30 2921
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota
Date of data productionJun 1 2020 - Sep 1 2020

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