Cloquet Forestry Center automated weather station data for calendar year 2019



Weather station data for calendar year 2019 from the University of Minnesota Cloquet Forestry Center automated weather station as collected by a Campbell Scientific CR1000 datalogger and various sensors. The automated weather station serves as a higher resolution dataset and backup for the manually-collected daily weather observations that are recorded and submitted to the National Weather Service. It also includes data from sensors not required by the NWS. Data for this dataset are collected by each sensor every 20 seconds and aggregated and recorded at the CR1000 in five minute intervals. They were downloaded and appended to the growing dataset manually by CFC staff weekly. The Direct Weather Download Protocol by CFC staff is followed to ensure datalogger data quality control steps are in place during manual data download, transfer, and archiving.

This dataset includes the raw five-minute interval data for ambient air temperature, ambient relative humidity, total precipitation, snow depth, solar radiation, long wave radiation, barometric pressure, soil temperature at four and eight inches below grade, and windspeed at 4 feet above and an evaporation tank water depth. See metadata for more information.

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Daily observation data are submitted and archived to the NWS for station name "CLOQUET" - additional station IDs are 211630 (Cooperative Observers Program), USC00211630 (Global Historical Climatology Network), and CLQM5 - and are available through the regional climate center data portal:
Date made available2020
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota
Date of data productionJan 1 2019 - Dec 31 2019

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