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Since 1990, Extension has helped more than 70 communities interview local businesses to learn about their needs and concerns. Communities use the information from these surveys to respond to business concerns in order to increase the likelihood that local businesses will stay and expand in the community.

In 2015, Extension organized data from 23 years of these interviews, ultimately creating a data base of responses from more than 2,100 interviews that provide insights into what Minnesota businesses care about. Data is aggregated at the community level to protect firm confidentiality and allow communities to compare their responses to one another.
Date made availableDec 14 2015
PublisherUniversity of Minnesota Extension, Extension Center for Community Vitality
Temporal coverageDec 1 1993 - Apr 1 2015
Date of data productionJan 1 1993 - Apr 1 2015
Geographical coverageVarious cities, counties and other sub-regions of Minnesota

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