BLIP Results for LMC

  • Steven Rieck (Creator)
  • Alexander Criswell (Creator)
  • Valeriya Korol (Creator)
  • Michael Keim (Creator)
  • Malachy Bloom (Creator)
  • Vuk Mandic (Creator)



The resulting data from our simulation and recovery of the LMC stochastic gravitational wave background produced by individually unresolved white dwarf binaries, and files to re-create our results using the Bayesian LISA Inference Package (BLIP). Files with "LMC+MW" or "LMC-MW" are related to our simultaneous recovery of the LMC background and the galactic foreground, whereas the reamining files are our recovery of the LMC background in isolation. See the read-me for additional details and instructions.
Date made availableMar 8 2024

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