Advertisement call length preferences of female Cope's gray treefrogs (Hyla chrysoscelis) in two-alternative choice tests



Female Hyla chrysoscelis collected from the wild during the breeding season were tested in two-alternative choice tests for their preference between two synthetic calls, modeled closely after wild male calls, differing in their call length. This experiment was designed to examine whether females exhibit proportional processing (e.g., Weber's Law) of the acoustic signal. The data are being released along with the publication based upon them.

A .csv file containing the experimental data, with one row for each experimental trial; and a .docx file containing methodological information and a description of the column names in the data file.

Funding information
Sponsorship: NSF (IOS-1452831); University of Minnesota Grand Challenges in Biology Program
Date made available2020
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota
Date of data productionMay 14 2019 - Jul 12 2019

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