A numerical model to calculated field line resonances in Jupiter's magnetosphere



The arrival of the Juno satellite at Jupiter has led to an increased interest in the dynamics of the Jovian magnetosphere. Jupiter’s auroral emissions often exhibit quasi-periodic oscillations with periods of tens of minutes. Magnetic observations indicate that ultra-low-frequency (ULF) waves with similar periods are often seen in data from Galileo and other satellites traversing the Jovian magnetosphere. Such waves can be associated with field line resonances, which are standing shear Alfvén waves on the field lines. Using model magnetic fields and plasma distributions, the frequencies of field line resonances and their harmonics on field lines connecting to the main auroral oval have been determined. Time domain simulations of Alfvén wave propagation have illustrated the evolution of such resonances. These studies indicate that harmonics of the field line resonances are common in the 10-40 minute band.

Files included: jupflr.pro: IDL routines for calculating frequencies and mode structures of field line resonances idl routines in jupflr.pdf: Text document giving description of routines in jupflr.pro model010.zip: zipped file containing data generated by jupflr.pro routines

Funding information
Sponsorship: National Science Foundation grant AGS-1840891
Date made available2020
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota

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