Research Information Management Practices at US Institutions

Activity: Talk typesSubmitted presentation or panel


The OCLC Research project "Research Information Management at US Institutions" follows up on the previous collaboration between OCLC and euroCRIS to conduct a worldwide survey of RIM practices that resulted in the 2018 report "Practices and Patterns in Research Information Management". That report highlighted the need to carry out further research on the RIM practices in specific countries and geographic areas. A team led by Rebecca Bryant at OCLC and Jan Fransen at the University of Minnesota has now put together a series of institutional case studies exploring the way RIM practices are implemented in the United States.

The project presentation will also offer an opportunity to discuss the significant differences in the way RIM is understood and practiced in the United States and in Europe, providing an opportunity to explore whether the differences in terminology -- CRIS being a "European" term for solutions that are traditionally called Research Information Management Systems (RIMS) in the US -- do actually conceal deeper differences in the institutional RIM practice.
PeriodMay 19 2021
Event titleeuroCRIS Webinar Series
Event typeConference
Conference number2021
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